Social Media Management

We will tailor a social media management plan built around you, your brand, and your interests.  

Audience Management

Examples of audience management include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Coordinate along with your publisher to promote books according to publication schedule and push dates. These may include posting memes, links and other promotional material on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads,Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Answer reader emails
  • Manage all newsletter list subscriptions, sending out eblasts/ecards designed by the publisher or designed by Buzz & Hum.
  • Build Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers, nteracting with readers, and encouraging positive reader/author relationship
  • Manage your Goodreads account, filter questions, and post blogs on your behalf
  • Manage your Bookbubs account, promote on social media venues to build followers
  • Coordinating a calendar for online bookseller retailer special promotions such as Kindle Daily Deals/Monthly Deals, Kobo offers, B & N special promotions, and other online promotions of that nature and posting these direct buy links on social media venues
  • Post blogs, set up RSS feeds on social media venues and link all postings together on different social media platforms for ease of management

Liaison between you and your publisher

You do the writing, we will do the promoting. Put us in touch with your publisher, agent, or publicist and we will handle all the promotions for you!